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Saturday, October 02, 2010

I'm Back

After almost two years sabbatical, I'm back on this blog. The intention for this blog has been to share art photos, artwork, and music. Since having twins 13 months ago, those three areas have slowed down significantly. But the need/desire/drive to create is gaining momentum and I'm hoping that by trying to blog once a week or once every other week, will give me some kind of needed deadline to get some stuff done. I had a break today and started searching through my photos to find some that were taken for artistic purposes.  There were not nearly as many as I would have liked to have found. LOTS of photos of my babies of course... but the other photos I did find told the story of my life right now. Mommyhood. It's clear that my time is spent as a good old housewife and Mother. Below are some images that glimpse into that.

Expired Breast milk slowly makes it way down the drain. Waisted work is more like it. I spent hours mostly in the middle of the night pumping milk for the possibility of the babies needing extra or that chance that I would get to get away and someone else would have to feed them. That was hard to do. Breast milk is such an amazing substance I almost felt like I should have drank it. /////I see Faces. I'm trying to collect the faces I see in so many places. This one being the kitchen vent. ///////// Who said Pizza Crust should be round? ////////Feed Me & Me.

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