Photos and words from life in Germany

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Confessions of a Hausfrau

Want to slowly post some little items I've been working on.  With my current lifestyle it's all about taking the environment I'm in and enjoying the moment.  I am basically at present a full on housewife/mommy.  Or that is how the majority of my time is spent these days.  Which is fabulous- something I always dreamed of doing.  Yet, creativity calls.  To make, create, to sing and write....those elements are sneaking their way back into my schedule. During this in between time, I've been trying to find ways to celebrate the now...not just to tolerate it.  And to juxtapose all this busyness with the peace that is so necessary in my daily life.  Thus these embroidery pieces (on dish towels of course).

 I have done some embroidery pieces in the past- when I was maybe 8 years old and then again later here- when I was a part of Markus Merkle's Hug 

But I got the idea to start again when I was reading for the hundredth time the kids book "Goodnight Moon."  There's this old lady whispering hush and what is she doing? Sitting in a rocking chair knitting.  Great idea, I wait for my kids to fall asleep, so what a nice quiet thing to do while waiting.   I'm posting only one now, but stay tuned for more.